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How Do We Create Lasting Change in our Communities?

August 10, 2021

How do we create lasting change in our communities? How do we respond to harm and violence without creating more of it?

At Ta’amod, we know that it’s not enough just to have sensible harassment policies and guidelines in place. Rather, Jewish organizational and communal cultures need to radically shift towards psychological safety. Ta’amod is proud to be providing the Jewish community with the resources and tools they need to work towards this transformation.

Founded in the midst of the #MeToo movement, Ta’amod: Stand Up! is on a mission to help Jewish organizations and communities live into their values. We equip institutions and individuals with resources and strategies for building psychologically safe, accountable, and equitable workplaces. In order to take risks, introduce new ideas, and provide effective management, we need clear communication. We need practices and procedures that protect all of us, especially the most vulnerable. We need behavioral shifts that cultivate organizational transparency and address the power dynamics continually at play but rarely named.

Research shows that addressing and adjusting behavioral workplace norms is critical to implementing lasting change. Psychologically safe environments are not just healthier, they are also more productive. A recent study conducted by Google demonstrates that toxic workplace cultures triple an individual’s risk for clinical depression. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken much from all of us; however, it has also given us an opportunity to critically evaluate our workplaces and communal cultures in order to dramatically and drastically change them. This is the time to implement new systems that allow us to act otherwise, center care, and foster thriving.

This year, Ta’amod partnered with Jewish Women of Vision in Philadelphia to implement community-wide workplace training. As part of these trainings, we facilitated conversations with staff and supervisors, drawing on Jewish values and legal protocols for workplace safety and equity.

“This was a great program,” reported a participant, “Ta’amod’s Jewish organization-based context allowed us to address specific issues with staff members who hold power in various ways. I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you!”

Alongside our state-legislation-compliant workplace trainings, we offer facilitated sessions and a national call line. We also have a vibrant and growing Resource Bank filled with 300+ professionals who specialize in issues of assault, employment discrimination, conflict resolution, and policy development. Accountability and cultural change take intentional action. Psychologically safe workplaces do not happen by accident. They are made of conscious, behavioral shifts, consistent feedback, and protective policies. There is no question that Jewish communities, organizations, and institutions have work to do to foster cultures of psychological safety. As individuals and institutions, we can choose to live into our values. Creating safe, equitable work environments is a practice that takes all of us. Ta’amod is here to help you actualize your value-driven desires.

To inquire about our trainings, or to hear more about safety in the workplace, please reach out to Ta’amod’s Communications Director, emet ezell at [email protected]