Over one hundred Slingshot Guide evaluators from across the country reviewed applications from organizations and projects seeking to be listed in the 2018 edition. 

  • Application

    Applications open for the upcoming year’s guide in early fall. Organizations and projects that serve a North American audience and have been in existence for a minimum of one year are eligible to apply.

    Organizations were invited to apply in one of three categories: start-up, mezzanine, or legacy, based on their organizational life stage.

  • Evaluation

    Each application is read by multiple evaluators, including one who is familiar with the organization’s sector and one who is not. The mix of perspectives gives a well-balanced review. Applicants are evaluated on four selection criteria.

  • Final List

    Slingshot staff review qualitative and quantitative evaluation data for each organization. This data determines the final list of 50 organizations to be featured in the guide.

  • Guide Production

    Profiles highlighting each organization’s activities and innovation(s) are written. Slingshot writers seek to capture the unique character of each organization and present its creativity.

  • Publication

    The guide is published and released widely.